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This is one of the best hangman games I stumbled upon: If you have a site, this is the hangman code you need to embed the game:

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Get Happy by Playing Hangman Game Online

Every person in this world is happy when they are playing game, especially when playing computer game. In this great technology era many old games was developed and recreated in a new interface. Some of the old game developed and fit with the network. One of the old games that has been developed and recreated is hangman game...[Get Happy by Playing Hangman Game]

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hanged in playing Hangman

So, how do you play Hangman? Players try to guess a word by filling in the blanks. Each incorrect guess brings you closer to being "hanged." Closer to death that is – hanged literally!

There are many sites online to play hangman, most are created using flash. The interaction and creativity depends on how it was created. From gruesome scene such as gallows drawn up, started with the rope, and added the blooded man, to an animated pencil stick figure that comes in and draws in the unfortunate hanged man.(Hanged in Hangman)

video games

She loves all the gmes. She with the basic like, choose the colors, memory games, puzzles, then she move on with the harder ones like hangman and addition.She loves the hangman game because of the fun sound it makes when you complete the puzzle. She dance with it. She just guess the letters, I am not particular if she got it right, she just pick whatever letter she likes,...(video games hangman)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hangman on juicy life

Now you can try to play the hangman game online by the internet. Everybody should have known that hangman is some kind of interesting game that will absolutely maintain your needs on being well trained for your faster thinking.

You could try to access the website to get yourself some chances in playing the online various categories of hangman games...[Hangman hanged]

addison play hangman online

Game is definitely something useful if you are looking for the media to release yourself away of the stressful condition. And in fact there have been so many ways available for you to enjoy playing the games.

It is including what website offers to you. This website allows you to play the hangman games online which would result something joyful to be taken by you... addison play hangman online

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mr. hangman

When I first got my laptop, all I did was install games, games and more games. I had an andreneline rush that I will be playing games all the way. I got hooked to it for awhile because there’s nothing else to do in the house. I think I tried every game there is... [mr. hangman]

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hangman game history

Games are very important for people, since the Ancient World, contributing at their entertainment. Greeks invented first games in antiquity and they are those who imagined the Olimpic Games, too. Those games were held in honor of living persons, of the gods, some as offerings of thanksgiving. 

With the passing of time, people created a lot of games. Nowadays, for example, they are playing on the computer killing monsters and trying to conquer land in order to build towns and capitals. 

Even if many children and adults are playing on the computer a very prevalent game is still "Hangman". It was invented sometime during the Victorian era. It was mentioned for the first time in Alice Bertha Gomme’s “Traditional Games” in 1894 and it was named “Birds, beasts and fishes”. Later, in other sources, the games was called "Gallows", "The Game of Hangin” or "Hanger".

Like any other game it has rules but they are very simple. A player writes down the first and last letters for an object, animal or plant, and the other player needs to guess the other letters in between. 

We all know this game because we were used to playing it when we were kids and it is a pun that improves thinking and enriches vocabulary. It’s rules are very simple and it is a challenge for each of us to check up our knowledge in a language.

Now you can play hangman online too.